Life After Jailbreak… What’s The Next Step?

If you are not already jailbroken here’s how you do it..  JailbreakME Guide

Alright, So I’ve noticed that many people Jailbreak their phones because they hear it’s so much better afterwards. They go ahead and jailbreak and then are stuck looking though Cydia for what all the hype was about.  Fear not, I will set you on the right path to freeing your jailbroken iDevice.  First things first…  Cydia is nowhere as useful as it is capable of being unless you manually add more repositories.  What is a repository?  Well it is also known as a “source” and that is because it’s a site that hosts third-party applications.  These were actually around long before apples own appstore.  Many of us old school jailbreakers remember the days before Cydia & the appstore when we had Installer and that is where the first iPhone apps ever were born.   Now that I’ve given you a bit of history I’ll move on to the fun stuff you came here for.   I say fun stuff but keep in mind there is some work to be done to get there.. Lucky for you I have spent 3 years doing this work and gathering the information I am about to share with you to save you most of the hassle I went through.  I know I know.. You are wondering where my donation button is because you want to show your appreciation but I’m not set up yet.  If you really want to donate email me and we can set something up.

******A little side note.. Yes if your iDevice is in a jailbroken state it’s warranty is void.. Please realize that you can always plug your iDevice into iTunes and completely restore it to factory settings, this erases the jailbreak and you should have no trouble having your warranty honored if need be.

******Also.. Once jailbroken DO NOT UPDATE your iDevice in iTunes unless you know for sure that there is a jailbreak for the new firmware or YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR JAILBREAK until a new exploit is available for the new firmware.

First and foremost you are going to want to add your repos (repositories/sources).  With out doing this you will be extremely limited to the amount of apps tweaks themes and tools that are going to be showing up in your Cydia.

Steps to do this are..

1. Open up cydia

2. Tap “manage” from the bottom bar

3. Tap “sources”

4.Tap “edit” in the top right hand corner

5.Tap “add” from the top left hand corner

6.Type in the source you want to add.

Ok, I know now you are wondering.. where do I find the sources? right?  There are lists all over the web.  I will be so kind as to list a few of my favorites here.. Some of these sources contain cracked apps and I am not condoning using those in any way shape or form… they are full of legal apps as well and that is what I use them for.  If you decide to do anything illegal with the information I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT.  Use your own judgement and moral code.. Just because there is a fruit stand with no attendant and a box for the money sitting out on a barron road does not make it ok to steal!  Get it?  Got it? Good!

Please note that some of these repos can become dead links at any given time or updated to a new repo and I will not be blogging about that unless there are specific demands that are great.  You wanted to jailbreak so welcome to my world.. No customer support besides the community and lots of misinformation from newbs.  Don’t get me wrong.. if you want to put the time into making your device awesome this is the way to do it, I’m just saying be prepared to work for it a little.  If you hit bumps along the way feel free to comment or email and I will help you out in any way possible..  Then tell your friends iAskMiGeek cause My geek knows!  Ok.. I’m corny I know.. but I’m a geek..  With out further adieu..

I would also like to give a little inspiration to those worrying about bricking your device.. That’s how I got into all of this stuff to begin with.. I bricked my original iPhone a week after I got it and when I exhausted all options of finding help I started to tinker and viola no more brick!  It’s almost always possible to fix software issues so fear not.  If you brick comment or email & I’ll do my best to help.

Source List…


Ok now refresh or reload your Cydia and Tap changes at the bottom and this will show you anything that needs updating.  I recommend always checking here when using the app to make sure you keep all your apps up to date.

Now the fun..

Browse Cydia!  There are tons of things in there now for you to play with.. Themes, tweaks, games, apps, tools etc.

As my blog grows I will be posting more specifically about what apps are worth using.  This will be biased to my opinion of course but if you are looking for something specific and can’t find it or decide what’s right for you feel free to comment or email me and I will try to guide you in the right direction.  Next blogs will cover some basics of getting your phone all themed up & then all tweaked out because its seems this is the highest demand of new jailbreakers..  

Jailbreakers Guide To The Best Of Cydia  (First Installment)

Jailbreakers Guide To The Best Of Cydia  (Second Installment)

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  1. Nice guide! Just though I’d let you know that Boococky, fenyx, and I all have condensed our repos on as well as started a forum there devoted to iHacking. Happy jailbreaking!

  2. Thanks! I will add the repo. Keep it up!

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